One of the keys to achieving success is to set goals and doing your best to take the necessary steps to achieve them. Future success comes from self-awareness and making yourself better each day. 


Set up specific goals that are well defined – goals can vary, but they are specific to you. Your goals are a tool to motivate you each day and are some of the most important things you want to accomplish during a particular period. Keep you goals visible by either writing them down and posting them somewhere you will see everyday or by making it a screensaver on your work desktop so you have a daily reminder. 


A great tool to start with is setting up SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant to you, Time specific.


Specific. For a goal to be attained, you need to spell it out explicitly. A well categorized and defined goal is one that you can focus your efforts on. Ask yourself, “what is it that I want to achieve?”


Measurable. Your goal needs to be measured for you to be able to accomplish them. Start small with daily goals, build up to monthly and then yearly. 


Attainable. Goals are tools used for motivation, so they must be practical and attainable. Setting unrealistic goals can demoralize you and cause you to give up on your goal or plan. What is realistic to you and your situation?


Relevant. One of the most important aspects about goals is that they need to be relevant to you. Goals are something you want, and with a keen focus and drive, you can accomplish them.


Time specific. Lastly, goals need to have a start and an ending associated with them. Break down annual goals into daily, monthly and quarterly time frames. How do you plan to accomplish that goal and when will you achieve it?  


In order for the SMART tool to be successful, you need to analyze your performance relative to your expectations and make yourself accountable. If you miss a goal ask yourself, “what steps should I take next time in order to achieve this?” You can position yourself for success by taking control, recognize the necessary steps you will need to take, and watch your dreams become reality.