Improve your LinkedIn Profile Visibility

By now, most of your friends and colleagues have accounts with LinkedIn knowing it’s a valuable resource for employers and employees alike to network for mutual interests. According to a 2019 report from LinkedIn, over 3 million jobs were posted in 2019 and every day recruiting on this platform becomes more and more competitive.

So how does this affect you?

When constructing your LinkedIn profile, it’s important that your profile is easy to be found for recruiters and hiring managers. Most days, recruiters view hundreds of profiles scanning for qualified candidates for jobs that they are sourcing for. As a recruiter, there are certain buzzwords that assist them in finding candidates. These buzzwords are usually important skills and experiences that allow qualified candidates to be found by recruiters who are sourcing a specific position that requires certain technical skills.

Analyze your profile.

Does it contain thorough details about your work history? Details on your job functions? Do you have achievements on your profile? If not, take some time to build your LinkedIn profile. Have a professional profile picture of yourself. Summarize what your companies do and write a detailed description of your responsibilities and achievements. Your LinkedIn profile is just as important as your resume. It will be one of the first pieces of content that a hiring manager or recruiter will see. With the average person starting at a new job every 3.2 years, being visible and informative on your LinkedIn profile matters. You never know when a recruiter will reach out with your dream job, but the recruiter needs to find you first.