Setting Expectations for Finding a Job During the Pandemic

Unfortunately, the current pandemic has caused numerous company wide layoffs leaving millions unemployed. Equally as bad, the pandemic has halted many companies from hiring as well. So if you’re one of the millions who have been let go, this is an extremely problematic situation.

With that being said, I believe the people that are seeking employment need to have the correct expectations on the amount of effort that will be needed in order to get back into the workforce. This situation brings me back to a book I read “10x” by Grant Cardone. “10X” is about creating and achieving goals that otherwise would seem impossible. The concept is to take your goals and your efforts and times them by a factor of 10, thus creating bigger loftier goals that inspire you to take massive (10X) action. However, something that is overlooked in this book is setting expectations appropriately. Setting proper expectations allows the mind to accept failure without becoming depressed.

For example, let’s say your expectations are that you’re going to become a millionaire in 5 years with only one source of income that’s paying $50,000 you’re very likely to be depressed and unmotivated after realizing that isn’t going to happen. If we apply that concept to finding employment, believing it will only take 10 applications, you may be setting yourself up for the same disappointment. Therefore people who are currently unemployed need to have the mindset that it is going to take 100 applications to find a job. If you’re denied by 10, but still have 90 other applications, those 10 denials will not affect you in the same way.

The job market is extremely tough and competitive right now. That could soon change, but this is the current reality. Setting appropriate expectations on the amount of effort is going to find employment will help you not only find a job but maintain a healthy mindset while you’re on the hunt. Lastly, I will share some tips on how to increase the amount of jobs you are applying for. 

Tip for increasing your chances:

●     Search all job boards – Indeed, monster, and LinkedIn are not the only places you can apply to jobs. You can search companies local to you and find the job boards on their website.

●     Connect with recruiters in your space – Many recruiters will specialize in certain areas. For example, my company and I work primarily in Laboratory Diagnostics. If you work in IT, Construction, Auto, Healthcare, Insurance or any of the other fields there are recruiters out there who have jobs specifically relating to your field. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find recruiters who work at 10 different companies. That will be 10 more people that have your information, ready to call when an opportunity arises.

●     Network with friends and family – Never underestimate the power of networking. You cannot predict where your opportunity comes from. It may just be from a friend you haven’t spoken to in years, who happens to know a company that is looking for someone like you.

●     Network on social media – Just like friends and family, your connections on social media can create additional opportunities for you. Make posts, share your resume. More action equals more results.