In the age of technology it is imperative that while writing your resume, social media accounts, like Linkedin, or even while during an interview that you are always up front and honest with any and all information. Nowadays, it is easier for recruitment firms, or even employers, to simply seek out your information on places like Linkedin or doing a simple Google search. 


Although a resume is not a legal document, it represents a snapshot of who you are as a person/candidate. Candidates need to always make sure that all information on their resume is not only accurate, but matches information that is out on the internet, such as your Linkedin profile. Discrepancies when comparing your resume to a Linkedin profile will be considered a red flag even if it is a simple mistake. 


Regardless of how you feel about it, search firms or employers can do a quick Google search to learn more about a candidate. It is always important to make sure that while you are looking for new opportunities that your accounts are either private OR have correct information that aligns with information you are submitting to your employer. 


Linkedin is often overlooked by candidates as a social media tool, but this social media platform is heavily used by search firms and employers alike to review your skills, competencies and work history, Any information posted by you can be used as a measurement or comparison tool while reviewing your resume and other qualifications. 


Even the most honest mistake can be costly, which is why it is important in the age of technology to make sure that all professional information is lining up correctly when you are interviewing for new opportunities. Always be upfront and honest about your work history and information because it is not just about getting a job but finding a mutually beneficial career between you and your new prospective employer.