Keep Your Team’s Motivation Flowing

You’ve got a first-class team. You hired the best of the best. But, if they are not motivated, it is unlikely they will achieve their true potential. Here are just a few tips on how you can create an environment that fosters enthusiasm, motivation and engagement.


Recognition fulfills our basic need of esteem, belonging, and helps identify what behaviors are appreciated and expected by the organization. If your company has a formalized recognition program, that’s great! However, there are other forms of recognition that can be used in conjunction: sending a thoughtful email, note, or calling team members out on a job well done. Create your own monthly recognition email blast, for example, within your team to recognize achievements: closing a big sale, highest quota, completion of a certification program, helping out another team member, etc. These are just a few examples, but keep in mind that motivation is something that stems differently in all of us and not every form of recognition will resonate with everyone in the same way.


Trust is the foundation of all relationships. There is often a fear that giving employees too much flexibility will lead to them to taking advantage. We all value autonomy and want to feel in control of our own time. Let your employees own their own work to promote accountability. Let them come to you for help or guidance instead of micromanaging.

Continuous Feedback

Performance reviews are a valuable tool for every organization. Though, don’t rely on these annual or bi-annual review periods to provide your employee with constructive feedback. Setting goals and receiving continuous feedback on performance lets employees know they are making progress and validates their hard work or where they need to focus on improvement. Be specific in your feedback. Explain how and why they did a good job instead of simply saying, “you did a good job.”

Be Mindful of How Feedback is Presented

Negative feedback can be embarrassing. Always provide constructive feedback privately either in a one-on-one meeting or phone call. Don’t put someone on blast in front of an audience. Conversely, celebrating notable achievements in front of others helps motivate and encourage those continued behaviors within the entire team. However, as mentioned earlier, not everyone is motivated in the same way. Some people may prefer to have a private conversation whether positive or negative. That’s why it is important to listen and figure out what makes your employees tick and not to force a one-size fits all approach.

There is a lot of information out there on what is the best approach in motivating your team. Truthfully, there is no universal method and there are a plethora of other ideas and suggestions when it comes to motivation and engagement than what is listed here. As a manager, keeping your team enthusiastic about their work is vital. Keep in mind the importance of leadership in motivating your team and encourage them to exceed expectations.