Over the years we have found that many candidates & companies alike misinterpret a recruiter’s role in the interview process. Any given firm will have its own approach and technique in the interview process but it is important for candidates to understand their role and how they should be interacting with most recruiting agencies. 


The first and potentially most important aspect of recruiting that I think is overlooked is that agency recruiters like any other sales person are paid on a commission basis. That means they do have an invested interest in you getting the position but that they also need to ensure that you are the right fit. Not only is a recruiters commission at stake but their reputation is as well, any advice given to a candidate by a recruiter should be taken into consideration as the recruiter will most likely know what their client is looking for. 


A best practice for a candidate is to treat a recruiter as if it is the first step of the interview process. If you use foul language, are unable to answer basic questions, or seem to have a confusing story while answering questions about your resume it is unlikely a recruiter will move you forward to their client. Companies use recruiting agencies to assist in the interview process and help weed out potential candidates that are not an ideal fit. 


Candidates should try to learn whatever information they can from their recruiter as good agencies will be a valuable resource in the interview process. No matter how strong you may think you are as a candidate a good recruiter will be able to provide valuable insight on the interview, company and overall process. Anything that a recruiter tells you to prepare for you should do in order to help your chances during the interview process.


In conclusion although agency recruiters are a valuable resource to candidates it should also be understood that they have their clients(the company) best interest in mind. Always engage with recruiters as if they are interviewing you and any insight or recommendations you are given make sure you take advantage of to ensure your success.