COVID-19 has affected many people across the planet and has caused a shift in everyone’s work environment and how business is done. While working from home connecting with co-workers, candidates, or clients has been done through a number of different resources that allow us to connect with each other through the internet. Using these tools it has allowed our team to stay connected and up to date with our business so everything can run as smoothly as possible. Here is a list of the tools we use to keep ourselves connected. 



Email is the most formal way of communication in the business world and very effective for someone who checks their email consistently throughout the day. This is a good general way to send periodic updates or mass messages to the whole team. 


Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is a great way to check in on individual team members or the entire team in one shot without creating a whole email chain. Sending an instant message will get the attention of anyone on your team and makes communication much faster and more efficient if you have a question that needs a quick response or if you just want to check in on someone. 


Video Meetings

During COVID-19 video meetings and interviews have become the new norm. While meeting face-to-face doesn’t seem like something that will happen anytime soon, companies are capitalizing on technology and the power of using platforms like Zoom, or Google meets. These platforms also allow you to have some interaction with your team while you are quarantined at home. 


Phone call/Text

In today’s generation with cell phones so accessible it is easy to just pick up your phone and call your team members or just send a group text to anyone you’d like. 


COVID-19 has made us change our everyday lives and we have adapted to the best of our abilities to still get the job done. These tools have helped my team members and I stay on track with each other as we look to help staff companies in the fight against COVID-19.