Turn your weaknesses into strengths

One of the most common questions candidates will receive in an interview from the hiring manager, “What are your weaknesses.” This could be an uncomfortable question and  nobody wants to say that they have any weaknesses in a job interview and ruin their shot at their dream job. Here is a list of 16 weaknesses and how you can flip the interview and turn them into strengths. 

1) Disorganized —> Creative

2) Inflexible —> Organized

3) Stubborn —> Dedicated

4) Inconsistent —> Flexible

5) Obnoxious —> Enthusiastic

6) Emotionless —> Calm

7) Shy —> Reflective

8) Irresponsible —> Adventurous

9) Boring —> Responsible

10) Unrealistic —> Positive

11) Negative —> Realistic

12) Intimidating —> Assertive

13) Weak —> Humble

14) Arrogant —> Self-Confident

15) Indecisive —> Patient 

16) Impatient —> Passionate

First, while you are doing interview preparation, reflect on yourself and think what your weaknesses are, if you can’t think of any weaknesses don’t be afraid to ask people for help, as an outside opinion might notice something that you don’t. Once you discover your weaknesses use the key and find your strengths. If you feel that the strengths don’t match up with you, try and think of another strength that might correlate with that weakness. Finally, when the interviewer asks, “What are some of your weaknesses?” you will be ready to give them a few weaknesses following up with what strength you have from each of the weaknesses. Give this a shot in your next interview, and I am sure the interviewer will be impressed!