Networking to Grow Your Brand

Networking and building relationships are essential to growing your brand, especially today. We have the ability to connect with people on multiple platforms and do it with a click of a button. Creating a strong network and building relationships with your network will lead you to new business ventures and opportunities, as well as make new friendships that will last a lifetime. There are a number of tools to be able to reach out to people in your specific network, here are a few tips on what tools to use and how to capitalize on them. 


    1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the top way to find professionals in your industry and be able to connect with them on a professional level. This tool allows you to connect with people from all across the globe and has become a staple in the recruitment industry. LinkedIn allows you 30,000 connections, so there is a lot of potential to meet new people 

    1. Trade Shows

Trade Shows allow you to meet people within your industry face-to-face. Attending these trade shows, or meetings, will help you learn more about the industry and gives you an opportunity to connect with people you may have connected with on LinkedIn or have met at the show. From a recruiting standpoint attending these trade shows and meetings allowed us to speak to clients, meet new clients, and grow our business. 

    1. Connecting with coworkers

If you are a part of a large team, you can reach out and become friendly with coworkers. Doing this allows you to pick their brain on ideas, strategies, and potentially finding other ways to connect to other people through them. Keeping an open line of communication will allow you to gain a stronger network and potential to grow it. 


There are many different ways to network in your certain industry, but by using these three strategies listed above it will allow you to grow and strengthen your network. These relationships that you build might not only help in the short term but also might help you in the long run.